Orthopaedic Summer Scholars Programs

Emory Summer Program for Under-represented Minorities

Emory University Department of Orthopaedic Surgery has developed an immersion opportunity for under-represented minorities, including women and people of color, through an 8-week summer internship program. This program allows students to participate in a directed internship during their college career. The overall goal of the internship is to increase exposure to the field of Orthopaedic Surgery at a stage when students may be deciding to enter the field of medicine.      

Additionally, the summer internship will expose students to the Emory Orthopedics program, giving them a well-rounded, directed learning experience that allows the students to make informed choices in regards to potential medical careers. We hope this program will strengthen a culture that enables women and minority students to feel empowered to consider Orthopaedic surgery as a potential career opportunity.  

The internship will host 2-4 students each summer.  The students’ experiences are deliberately planned to place rotating interns with faculty who can provide not only a well-rounded surgical experience, but also appropriately mentor the students as they discover career opportunities within medicine.  The experience will be split between time at Grady Memorial Hospital, and time at Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital, allowing students to experience a wide spectrum of patients and care delivery settings. 

During their internship, students will be closely monitored by both the program director and program faculty with weekly meetings. Participants will also be included in engagement nights hosted for medical students. Different topics will be addressed, including how to handle the transition from medical school to residency, and how to navigate being a minority within the field of Orthopaedic Surgery.  Students will be assigned a designated faculty mentor—based on any pre-identified area of interest within Orthopaedics—who will assist the student in identifying a topic of interest for a presentation. The student will deliver their presentation to the Orthopaedic Surgery Department at the end of their internship.    

Students selected for the internship will receive a stipend of $2500 for participation in the  8-week program. Housing will be provided at Emory University Clairmont Guest Housing. Students will need to complete a short application that includes a personal statement, and must obtain at least one letter of recommendation from a professor or person who knows them well.

Please submit completed application, letters of recommendation and supporting documents to ortho.forms@emory.edu

For further information please contact us directly by phone at 404-778-2516.

Program Announcement

Program Description

Program Application

Diane E.S. Payne, MD, MPT                                  
Program Director                                                                       
Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

STaR (Student Trauma and Resuscitation Research Program)

STaR Logo

Grady Memorial Hospital evaluates more than 9,000 trauma patients annually. As one of the highest volume trauma centers in the country, Grady, Emory, and Morehouse University Schools of Medicine have a commitment to improving trauma care and educating future physicians. This is accomplished by providing exceptional care and advancing the body of research surrounding the care of this patient population. As such, a program dedicated to trauma research and medical student development would help accomplish these goals.

The aim of the Student Trauma and Resuscitation (STaR) Research Program is to provide interested medical students the opportunity to participate in ongoing trauma research, nurture their academic development, and provide them the tools to successfully bring a research project to completion.

  • Students will be given mentor for supports through research project
  • Student will be awarded a $2000 stipend for the duration of the program contingent ont heir satisfactory completionS
  • Students will present their research at the end of the program during the research symposium
  • The objective is for all students to formulate their project into an abstract, present at a national meeting and turn their project into a manuscript
  • End of program symposium is July 23, 2019


  • Medical students
  • Strong desire to participate in trauma-related research
  • Ability to contribute two consecutive months


Program Directors:
Mara Schenker, MD- Trauma Surgeon


Randi Smith, MD- Trauma Surgeon


Rondi Gelbard, MD- Trauma Surgeon

Richard Jackson, MD-Anesthesiologist