Kelly Society

James Kercher, MD

Walter McClelland, MD

2018 Kelly Society President

I am honored to be writing this on behalf of the Kelly Society. I feel privileged to have received training and clinical experience from the Emory Program, as I know most of you do who have walked the same path. I believe that with this privilege comes obligation. We have an obligation to support our program so that it will continue to remain strong and improve opportunities for those who follow. I am now a lifetime member and I challenge everyone else to become one.

As we embrace the challenges that face us in the future of healthcare, I would like take this opportunity to add one more item to your list. I challenge each one of you to make 2017 the year we engage in the Kelly Society. Our first step is to re-ignite membership. To do this, we need help gathering contact information as well as graduation dates for you and your classmates. Once we have re-established the membership, we will be organizing events and resources for the benefit of the group.

We have already seen the benefits of the monthly emails, as former classmates have been able to use the e-blast as a way to reach out to each other. As the Kelly Society membership grows, we will be able to offer a more exciting event schedule, potentially including some destination events.

Members, the alumni directory is now up and running! I am excited about what’s to come with the Kelly Society and hope you are too. Please feel free to contact me with ideas, suggestions and questions. Thank you for your commitment.


Walter McClelland, MD



Kelly Society Membership

Please click on the link below to pay your Kelly Society membership dues online.  Annual dues are $350.  We also offer a Lifetime Membership for those that wish to pay one time and never have to worry about paying your dues again.  The Lifetime Membership is a one-time amount of $5000 and is only for the Kelly Society membership dues.  You may still donate to our program or other programs within Emory.

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