The Whitesides Orthopaedic Research Laboratory

Scott D. Boden, MD
Director, The Whitesides Orthopaedic Research Laboratory

Dr. Boden’s basic research focus has centered on gaining an understanding of the biology of spine fusion healing and bone graft substitutes as well as the molecular control of bone formation and gene therapy applications for bone and intervertebral disc cartilage regeneration.  Work from this laboratory was instrumental in translating recombinant BMP-2 from pre-clinical studies to successful human clinical trials. The research is most recently focusing on the development of small molecules to promote bone and cartilage regeneration.  Dr. Boden is a named inventor on over 30 issued patents. 

Senior Scientists in the laboratory include Sreedhara Sangadala, PhD, Louisa Titus, PhD, and Manjula Viggeswarapu, PhD. In 2013, technology discovered in this laboratory under the leadership of Dr. Sangadala was licensed to SkelRegen, a start-up company spun out of Emory University with the goal of commercializing small molecule technologies to promote the next generation of skeletal tissue regeneration solutions.

Recent publications

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