Fellowship Match Results

Class of 2015
Gregory Faucher Hand & Upper Extremity – Curtis National Hand Center Baltimore, MD
Ramsey Kinney Staff Physician – VA Medical Center Orlando, FL
David Lazarus Pediatric Orthopaedics – Randy Children's Hospital San Diego, CA
Patterson Owings Hand & Upper Extremity – The Campbell Clinic Memphis, TN
Michael Smith Hand & Upper Extremity – Brigham Women's Hospital Boston, MA
Class of 2014
James Black Trauma Surgery – Washington University St. Louis, MO
Mihir Desai Hand and Microvascular – Duke University, Durham, NC
Michael Gottschalk Hand & Upper Extremity – New York University Hospital of Joint Disease, New York, NY
Mark Magill Foot & Ankle – OrthoCarolina Foot & Ankle Institute, Charlotte, NC
Ravi Patel Spine Surgery – Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
Class of 2013
Nader Shourbaji Hand and Upper Extremity – University of Utah, Salt Lake City UT
Mac Starr Hand and Upper Extremity – Union Memorial, Baltimore MD
Anil Thomas Adult Reconstruction - New England Baptist, Boston MA
Richard Thomas Trauma - Orlando Regional Medical Center, Orlando FL
Dave Vizurraga Adult Reconstruction - Steadman Hawkins, Greenville SC
Class of 2012
George Guild Adult Reconstruction – Insall Scott Kelly Institute, New York, NY
Steve Hamilton Sports - Steadman Hawkins, Greenville SC
Kyle Hammond Sports - University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA
Thomas Moore, Jr. Trauma - Parkland Memorial, Dallas TX
Michael Sridhar Trauma - Harvard University, Boston MA
Class of 2011
Brian Dierckman Sports – Southern California Orthopedic Institute
Albert Pendleton Pediatrics – University of Utah
Lindsay Andras Pediatrics – LA Childrens, Los Angeles
Tuan Bui Spine - Ortho Carolina Spine Center
Ed Hoffler General Practice
Class of 2010
Dave Katz Hand – Vanderbilt University
John Heflin Pediatrics - University of Utah
Claude Jarrett Hand - Allegheny General
Walter McClelland Hand - Union Memorial Hospital
Shoulder and Elbow - Nice, France
Raj Rajani Musculoskeletal Oncology - University of Florida
Class of 2009
Brad Register Sports – Steadman Hawkins Clinic--Vail
Jim Kercher Sports – Rush University
Will Reisman Trauma – Carolinas Medical Center
John Ugbo Foot & Ankle - University of Washington
Nilpesh Patel Hand - University of Washington
Class of 2008
Lee Leddy Musculoskeletal Oncology – Emory University
Robert Decker Spine – University of California, San Diego
Abigail Lynn Pediatrics – University of California, San Diego
Brett Sweitzer Sports – Steadman Hawkins Clinic--Spartanburg
Tim Greene Sports – Steadman Hawkins Clinic--Vail
Class of 2007
Michael Shuler Hand – University of Washington
Andrew Bullington Sports – Aspen Sports Medicine Foundation
Eric Macleod Sports – University of Utah
Mark Wilczynski Hand – Washington University
Robert Rolf Shoulder & Elbow – Harvard University
Class of 2006
Rashard Dacus Hand - University of California, San Diego
Bartley McGehee Sports – Steadman Hawkins Clinic--Spartanburg
Tom Viehe

Sports – Steadman Hawkins Clinic--Vail
Foot & Ankle – Roger Mann

Chris Sadlack Knee – Insall Scott Kelly Institute
Troy Schmidt Adult Reconstruction - Harvard University
Class of 2005
Brett Sanders Shoulder & Elbow – Harvard University
Hand & Elbow – University of Edinburgh
Scott Kimmerly Sports – Steadman Hawkins Clinic--Vail
Foot & Ankle – Traveling Fellowship
Stephen Kocaj Sports – American Sports Medicine Institute
Alonzo Sexton Sports – Lenox Hill Hospital
Tim Henderson Sports – UCLA Medical Center
Class of 2004
Mark Hannah Adult Reconstruction – Harvard University
John Dalton Hand – Washington University
Scott Olvey Hand – Cincinnatti Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center
Paul Jeffords Spine – Texas Back Institute
Keith Hall Private Practice
Class of 2003
Mark Spivey Sports – The Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital
Rick Hatch Sports – Kerlin Jobe Clinic
Shoulder & Elbow – Harvard University
Mark Scholl Sports – University of Utah
Evander Fogle Shoulder & Elbow – University of So. California
Shervin Oskouei Musculoskeletal Oncology – University of Chicago
Class of 2002
Justin Cashman Foot & Ankle – American Sports Medicine Institute/Gould
Foot & Ankle – Emory University
Patrick Casey Sports – American Sports Medicine Institute
Irfan Ansari Sports – University of Cincinnati
John Vachtsevanos Sports – The Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital
Michael Kiehn Sports – Uribe, Hechtman, and Zvijac Sports Medicine Institute
Class of 2001
Charles Edwards Spine – Washington University
William Hage Sports – University of Maryland
Joseph Johnson Foot & Ankle – Emory University
Foot & Ankle – American Sports Medicine Institute/Gould
Timothy Oswald Pediatrics – University of California, San Diego
Peter Symbas Sports – The Hughston Clinic
Nelson Soohoo Foot & Ankle – Harbor/UCLA Medical Centef
Class of 2000
Brant Bair Sports – University of Utah
Greg Westmoreland Sports – Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic
Fraser Leversedge Hand – Washington University
Robert Boswell Sports – San Diego Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine
Joseph Wilcox Sports – Ohio State University